Sunday, 24 July 2011

On A Spiritual Journey?

Well, I have read a little theology, and I have heard of Pelagians and Predestinarians – but what do this lot believe – and why do they travel so slowly?


[thanks Andy, for the picture, which he took at Gayle Mill,Hawes, Yorkshire]


  1. Oh, my!! If they're certain of the end, why get in a hurry?

  2. Ahhhh Hawes - on route to Isle of Man! Memories!

  3. I used to proof read. The trick is to read backwards, that way your brain doesn't trick you into seeing what you think you should see.
    Jane x
    Was there also a sign for 'postdestrians'?

  4. Oh dear - not sure, but I do know that they follow sloooooowly.

  5. Hmm, someone needed a dictionary!

  6. We all make typos, but, uh ... wouldn't you think they'd remedy the situation?

    All I can think about is the root work I do with my students when teaching vocabulary. Trying to break this one down would be a trip ... "Pre means 'before', but ... uh ..."

    Heehee, thanks for the laugh :-)

  7. I am so going to join this crew- all you runners can sprint straight on past- I'll be drinking tea with the predestrians and we'll have a nice chat about maybe walking soon!!


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