Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Abba, Ikea, And Now Another Swedish Plug…

Clas Ohlson. Who? Clas Ohlson

No we had never heard of him ether- but today we were meandering round the Chapelfield Shopping Mall in Norwich and found a shop of that name. It somehow felt comfortingly familiar – and very Swedish. The helpful assistant explained that not only was CO a Swedish company [website here]but also their store layout was planned by the same guy who designs the layout of IKEA stores.


We spent ages in there – looking at their phenomenal range of goods [kitchen, garden, electrical, office, bathroom, storage, sport, crafts…] Bob even said “Some of this is better than Maplin!” [wow!]

They’ve been around in Scandinavia for 93 years, but only just reached Britain, apparently. They have a useful [free] catalogue which is produced annually. There was a lovely display of previous cover designs in the store which I just had to photograph




plugI bought a much-needed new red sink plug for £1.29 and Bob got a cordless drill [which was a little more expensive than that] and we both decided this is a store we will definitely return to.

giraffeWe had lunch in Giraffe. I had been to their Reading branch with Liz two years ago. It was Bob’s first taste of their excellent – deliciously healthy - menu.

We took advantage of the lunchtime meal deal and I had Chicken Waldorf Salad, he had Quesadillas with Chicken and Falafels.

There was a phenomenal hailstorm as we ate lunch, then we wandered back to get the Park’n’Ride bus, calling in at a few charity shops on the way. I did get the bargain I was particularly hunting for – but cannot tell you about that just yet!

Back to Cornerstones, and we did a few jobs round the bungalow, and now we are planning a relaxing evening! If you are on your Half Term Break, I hope you are having fun too.

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Oh – one other picture, taken yesterday on our walk with A&M. This wall plaque amused Marion and me.


Norfolk is such a historic county you know!


  1. We call them 'hysterical' plaques.
    Jane x

  2. That's a funny plaque! It sounds like you are having fun! Hooray!


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