Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back To School

Some schools in the UK went back to school straight after Easter, and had Friday off as it was the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday. Those who had already planned their Easter Holidays to include last week have been allocated one day’s holiday in lieu – to take when they choose. So my ‘regular’ school has opted for the Friday before the half term holiday in 3½ weeks time. My ‘Wednesday’ school took it today. Other schools are finishing one day early in July for the summer holiday. And some independent schools are ignoring Bank Holidays and just doing their own thing. It is all very confusing.


But I was due back in for this afternoon- so I went in early and put up my Royal Wedding display. Huge thanks to Caz at our local village newsagents – I rang her from Blackpool on Saturday to ask her to save a paper for me as they’d sold out in the shop near our hotel. I was glad to collect the paper on my return.

PomPom wanted pictures – so here they are for you all to see.

I thought long and hard about the display. I wanted to include pictures, obviously, but need to make it a little more interesting than that. Kate’s trees down the aisle seemed worth including,


and also the vows and the new Anglican prayer.


As the first commoner to marry a King only lived 4 miles up the road from our school, I thought Elizabeth Woodville deserved a mention.



I think that probably all our pupils and staff are commoners


Finally, I wanted a few ‘wedding artefacts’ so dug out a hat, veil, gloves, candle, ring, and flowers [The latter were the bouquet and head-dress when Liz and Steph were bridesmaids for my brother in 1992] – and lace [an old curtain] Union flags, and lots of white ribbon added to the final effect. The display has been well received, which is gratifying.




  1. Great job! The children will love it.

    On school holidays... up here and in parts of northern England the 'Easter' holiday had been and gone before we got to easter, so they had two long weekends in a row!

    Did the extra holiday/late Easter increase the number of children at Assembly?

  2. It looks very interesting, not just pure 'wedding' but peripheral things as well.

  3. Didn't the trees in the Abbey look beautiful!
    What sort of questions did the children ask?
    Jane x


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