Friday, 13 May 2011

Cover Your Ankles, Jessie!

When I was a student living in digs, my wonderful landlady, Mrs Lawrence, said that her Victorian Aunt used this phrase whenever one of the females was exposing ‘rather too much flesh’. It had become a family catchphrase – and decades later, in the era of hotpants and miniskirts and translucent cheesecloth shirts, the Lawrences were still saying it to one another [and to the  maths student who resided in the spare room for three years]

I decided recently that one of my dresses was definitely in the ‘CYA,J’ category – because of the neckline. Perhaps OK for evenings at home, but not for leaning over a desk in school!


The solution took a matter of minutes- I sewed two small buttons on the inside of the neckline, and then took a piece of black lace [actually two strips sewn together to make a wider strip] and buttoned it in place.


This made an instant ‘modesty panel’ and furthermore, it is not permanent. I’m very pleased with the outcome, and feel much more confident wearing the dress now.

Our family has its own phrase** to indicate wardrobe malfunctions – DSCF1523but I am not revealing that here. Too many of my ‘local’ friends read this blog, and I am not letting them into the secret!

[**other than leee-an baaa-ck!]

On the subject of covered ankles, did you see this lad? [Full story and BBC video here]

boy in shorts

I can see him ‘taking silk’ in a few years, can’t you ?!


  1. I have a lovely cardigan which can be worn sans blouse underneath. It is OK for normal wear, BUT kneeling for communion the Rev is likely to "get an eyeful" so I have to pin it for Church!!
    Jane x

  2. That is very thoughtful of you Jane. Would that everyone gave thought to the appropriateness of their clothing [for church, school, or wherever] Ihave seen the most bizarre and brief garments worn at funerals [justified because 'they are black']


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