Monday, 16 May 2011

“Well I’ll Go to The Foot Of Our Stairs!"

blethyn vera stanhope

Brenda Blethyn actually used that phrase last night, playing the Geordie Detective, Vera Stanhope. The consensus is that this Northern expression  means “I am astounded!” – but there is a fair bit of disagreement about the origins of the phrase.

lewis fox whatelyIs anyone else watching this drama? I am finding it hard going – every episode seems chock-full of unremitting gloom! With my favourite Geordie Cop [Kevin Whateley as Lewis] you at least had Morse or Hathaway making witty quips to lighten the tension.

I sat on the sofa with a pair of scissors and a wpb, and cut out decoupage bits, and assembled greetings cards, just to have a pretty diversion from the misery. My stock of cards is quite low, so yesterday evening I produced a batch for all the upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other events. I’m very happy with this little lot!DSCF1574


  1. Yes ,Vera is gloom and doom veiwing but I do watch it while sewing so I hear more than I see .
    Nice cards , --cottonreel

  2. I watched last week's last night. I love it. I am also married to a Geordie, if they were really speaking North Eastern we wouldnt understand at word they say ha ha ha! Oh and by the way he has not heard of that expression that you mention - so funny! We will have to look at our book of Geordie sayings!

  3. Oh and what lovely cards! You are so creative!

  4. I thought "well I'll go to the foot of our stairs" was a Yorkshire saying rather than a Geordie one
    The most famous Geordie saying I know is "haddawayanshite" ;-)


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