Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thoroughly Approve Of This

My latest Approved Foods order arrived yesterday. I spent £27.17 and got £58.59 worth of goods. Extremely good value,  thought


Unlike my friend Justine, who has had problems this week with her order, mine was 99% OK. Unfortunately the box appears to have been dropped on one corner, and a glass jar of raspberries was completely smashed and had leaked juice, and also the lid of one of the Bird’s Custard jars was broken and the foil damaged [hence custard powder on the tablecloth in photo!]

BUT I emailed them straightaway and they have credited me for the two damaged items – even though it was probably the fault of the couriers. You can tell how well they pack things- the glass jars were all double wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and the packs of flour alongside were not even damp!

Yes there is a lot of couscous. We like couscous.


I usually buy plain and add in my own flavours – but at around 10p a portion for these pre-prepared ones  [mushroom&garlic, Moroccan style, Mediterranean tomato]  at less than one third the original price that isn’t bad, and very convenient. In a pot like this, it will make a good cold dish alongside a green salad.

The green packs at the top right are Sainsbury's ‘Country Soup Mix’

soup mix

500g of this mixture: Dried Peas [Yellow Split Peas, Green Split Peas, Marrowfat Peas],Pearl Barley, Barley Flakes, Red Split Lentils, and Aduki Beans. These cost 66p per pack normally – I paid £1 for 4 packets. OK, they are just outside their ‘best before’ date – but the ones we had in our bean and tomato soup at lunchtime were fine.

Do check out the Approved Foods Website if you’re in the UK. They have some great bargains [and even ship to the Highlands and Islands!!] Thus far I have been really pleased with my orders, and saved a lot of money on products I’d have purchased anyway.


  1. Aww enjoy! I am sure I will get mine eventually and hopefully at least 99% okay.

  2. Wish they shipped over here. French shopping has becoem very expensive now.

  3. PS. When I clicked on the website, my computer told me that it was not an approved site and could be dangerous, so I went no further. How odd.

  4. It's lovely to be able to save on the essential, I still have lots in my cupboards from App. food which will supplement us for month to come. I bught the quark in Morrisons - they seem best for fat free products.

  5. When I got my first order from Approved Food, a 1 litre bottle of multipurpose cleaner had cracked. It had been sealed into a tough plastic bag but that had been pierced by the glass from the smashed jar of tomato puree....... I think the carrier had dropped that box too. I rang up because I was unsure what the procedure was and the lady from AP was so friendly and helpful. My second order was fine and my family and I will no doubt be buying from them again when our stocks have run down. They keep sending these emails with bargains in and I am trying not to read them because there are only so many bargains 2 people can eat : )


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