Monday, 9 May 2011

The Sound Of A Distant Drum

I was busy in the conservatory on Saturday, and Bob was writing sermons in his study when there was a huge bang! as if something very large had fallen down. “Are you OK?” he called – “Yes, but what was that?” I replied. We hunted all over- the kitchen, the garage, bedrooms, even the loft…but could find nothing out of place. We were mystified. What on earth had caused the loud noise?

Just before this incident, I had noticed that the washing machine in the Futility Room had finished its cycle, and was flashing END but I was busy at that moment and decided to empty it later.

HoweverWhen I went back to the machine [some time after the bang] I found all the plastic switches were lying on the floor of the futility room, and peering through the door, I could see the drum had dropped and the inner rubber seal had ripped…


I called Bob and together we stared in astonishment at the extent of the damage…

…The machine had comprehensively destroyed itself- Bob emptied out most of the washing, then pulled the machine out and got it onto its side in the kitchen to investigate further. There were loads of sharp plastic shards on the floor…



…the concrete stabiliser blocks had come away, the drum had a huge hole in it – the machine was full of bits of sharp shredded plastic…



…Bob’s top and trousers were caught on the torn metal and ruined…



I took loads of photos- then rang the Baptist Insurance Company, and Edward-on-the-Helpline was very helpful. We are hopeful that they will ring shortly and agree that we have got grounds to claim.

On hearing our story,many kind neighbours and friends have offered the use of their machines till we get a replacement. I am truly grateful that there are only two of us, and I am not a Mum with young children who has loads of washing. It isn’t difficult to handwash a few bits and pieces and the breeze and sunshine means they will dry quickly today.


  1. Poor you. Glad people are offering to help out.

    Baptist Insurance are always very helpful, though I've only used them in relation to churches... I have a feeling the Dibley file is very fat the number of times I had to phone them.

    Hope all is soon sorted.

  2. What a weird thing to happen. I've never heard of a machine committing hara kiri like that. What did you say to upset it??

  3. Wow! I've never heard of this happening!
    Mine just leaks sporadically!

  4. So glad you were not in the would have been perforated like a tea bag!
    I wonder what on earth happened...the machine looks as though it has been "exterminated" by a Dalek.
    Jane x

  5. Oh my, what a lot of damage, thabkfully it was limted to the machine and clothes. Sorry I been a bad commentator, I am feeling a little down and missing my mum


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