Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Buttoned Up

Reposting this one because blogger ate it last week!

Take 22 vintage buttons, and arrange them in a row. Stitch them in place using fine copper wire, then oversew with red embroidery thread. Make a fastening loop at one end with black cord elastic.


And voila! you have a pretty bracelet


I found the best length from the start of the first button to the end of the last was 18cm. I had some great compliments from the children yesterday – they always find buttons fascinating [so do I!]



  1. What fun, love to see things made with buttons.

  2. So do I! (echoing Carolyn there)...

    So, this is brilliant about the London thing! Are you going to be able to come for two days, or just one? As I've said, I'm not going to over-organise this, but I should know a few basics...

  3. Where does one get such fabulous buttons? I love them!


  4. Very cute! Some of my students make and wear button necklaces.


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