Monday, 16 May 2011

Tweet Tweet

Bob – who uses Twitter – tweeted that I had put up the pictures of our Christian Aid Week service.

The Church Urban Fund Daily News Site picked up his tweet for their CAW news section.

church urband fund

But the link shows the titles of all my recent posts. There are going to be some very confused Anglicans out there when they see this absurd list…

Biased Opinion Christian Aid Week 2011 – Our Sunday Service Christian Aid Week 2011 Smoke Gets In Your … Mailbox Stepping Out In Style Blogger’s Back! Cover Your Ankles, Jessie! McVities Takes The Biscuit From Beardyman! Fame At Last

It will be fascinating to see if the number of hits on this blog goes up at all!


  1. Well!! They will have plenty of interesting reading to choose from!

  2. and now my friend tells me that the CAW people have tweeted about it too - she read it this morning!


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