Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dying For Some Marmite

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Tom Clark, writing in The Guardian this week about the Marmite ban, refers back to an article he wrote five years ago. He quotes a DANISH PERSON on the subject of this wondrous spread. I have tracked down the chap’s name. One Alexander Benckendorff of Aarhus, Denmark, said

I LUV Marmite. I luv Marmite, I want to be buried in a Marmite jar. I luv Marmite, I luv Marmite, I luv Marmite, O God, I luv Marmite.

What is this poor chap to do now?


I must check with my missionary friends about the availability of Marmite in Peru, as Paddington is obviously keen on the stuff as well!

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  1. Perhaps Paddington put on too much weight eating so much marmalade, and had to switch to a healthier version!
    Jane x


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