Saturday, 14 May 2011

Smoke Gets In Your … Mailbox

A recent post by Jane over at Maple Syrup Mob referred to Liquid Smoke. Whatever’s that? I commented. So my generous blogfriend has sent me a bottle of this amazing product.

Blogger may have been ‘down’ yesterday morning, but our postman was ‘up’ and delivered this parcel



Inside we found a pretty card


…and some more dragonflies [see this post] – this time on beautiful handknit dishcloths


…and finally a well-wrapped little bottle


…Liquid Smoke [ingredients – water, and hickory smoke flavour!] We are hoping for fine weather on Monday so we can have a bbq.

Jane’s husband Chris has suggested that if Blogger goes down again, we should use the contents for communicating by smoke signals instead! [actually, Chris, I usually convey the message ‘dinner is ready’ to Bob by smoke signals from the kitchen] Thank you J&C!


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