Wednesday, 25 May 2011

B2 Or Not B2?


How dare they?

The Danes have BANNED Marmite!!

This is because of its added B Vitamins, they say


I love the stuff. My mother used to say I was a ‘Marmite Baby’ [I have no idea what that meant, though] I plan to go on eating it.


My suspicion is that it is Danish Revenge since we stopped eating their bacon after Hugh F-W said they were mean to their pigs!

love marmite

Perhaps part of the cause of Hamlet ‘s madness was because Ophelia banned him from eating Marmite on Toast.

I must stop this ranting and go back to sermon preparation.


  1. PomPom - of all people, I never thought YOU would be a coward!!!

  2. Always have a jar in my cupboard. It makes a nice drink, a teaspoon stirred into hot water...mmmmm!
    Jane x
    PS I have to post as anonymous to get around the blooger comment loop so many of us are having problems with.

  3. I've heard of Marmite. I've read about it. But to be honest, I have no idea what it is. Still, if you love it, I love it, and I'm mad at those silly Danes, too.


  4. We don't have it in the States (at least not where I live) but I have tasted it. Not high on it, but if you love it, you go girl!


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