Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fabric Box Tutorial


Here is a tutorial for a little fabric storage box – we are going to be making these in Sewing Club this session.

It is a fairly simple design, just requiring careful cutting and straight seams.

It is quick and easy to make. [Writing the tutorial took three times as long!] Card from a cereal packet is about the right weight.

Cut out a piece of fabric 62cm x 24½cm [outside] and a contrast piece 62cm x 28cm. Cut out two rectangles of card 29cm x 14½cm and one piece 14cm x 14cm. MEASURE ALL THESE CAREFULLY



Fold each rectangle, put right sides together and make a seam 1cm wide down left hand edge

Fold over 1cm round top , press, and hem [I used a fancy stitch on lining piece. PRESSING IS VITAL FOR GOOD RESULTS


Turn outer piece so right side showing, lining so wrong side showing.


Press each piece so seam is down LHS, then refold so seam matches crease in centre. Press again.

This gives the four edges of the box

On outer piece, fold up 8½cm on lower edge. Fold inside and press firmly.


Now refold the piece so that two sets of creases are on top and match the two underneath


Stitch a 1cm seam along that edge.

This next bit  is hard to explain, but should be obvious when you do it!

clip_image016Now pick up the box by the two corners, and it should fall into a box shape with a point at each side. Stitch along the bottom of that triangle from one crease to the next. Repeat this with inner piece.

Now you should be able to form the two boxes. The triangles from the inner box are on the outside, on the outer box on the inside



Take your folded cardboard and push it inside the outer box. Put the bottom square of card in place. Push down firmly so it holds its shape

clip_image022clip_image028clip_image026Put the inner lining inside, so it sticks up over the edge. Push down firmly, matching seams and edges



Fold over the top edge and your box is done.

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  1. I like that. I must add it to my growing list of things to try when I find the time! :D


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