Friday, 20 May 2011

Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries*


After my trip to the dentist yesterday to get measured for the new bridge, I went into the City. It was the first time in ages that I’d had a proper chance to meander around and look in all sorts of shops. I did not spend much money, but came home with lots of good things [mostly edible!]

MollieMakesIssue1CoverI picked up a copy of Mollie Makes in WHSmiths, after Mags had given it a good review.

I shall keep MM as a treat for the weekend, to read whilst Bob is watching the Grand Prix!

I got some other little bits and pieces, and finally went to the market for fruit and veg – dragging my trusty trolley along behind me.

They were selling cherries – so I bought a big bag for just a pound. Then on my way back to the car, meandered into a charity shop and saw two lovely pinky-peach coloured glass dishes for 80p. Being a sort of conical shape, they were ideal for serving dessert. I put some ice in the bottom and the freshly washed cherries on top. Simple – but delicious.

pie shopI also got some lovely Leicestershire Ham – on offer in the Cheapside Pork Pie Shop. It is a great place for just looking – they have so many wonderful things on sale! And all the products are wrapped in their own special greaseproof paper.

The paper is printed with stories of the county, and the pork pie, and the pork pie hat etc. It is fascinating – so much to read on one little sheet. I am sure that the majority of people discard it without noticing, but I adore looking at all the information on it. I took my Dad a Walker’s Pork Pie once, and he confessed later that he had ironed the paper, then got out his magnifying glass to read it all! [this passion for acquiring knowledge is clearly genetic]


[*apparently the song ‘Life is just A Bowl Of Cherries’ was written 80 years ago, to cheer people up in the Great Depression]


  1. Cherries are just coming into our shops, and are delicious!

  2. Oh, that Molly Makes looks so fun! I wish we had it here.
    Isn't it fun to meander around the shops? I hope the weather stays mild for a while here so that when school is out, I can meander. I never want to go to the antique shops when the sun is hot.

  3. I really wish we had a Cheapside Pork Pie Shop around here--and any sort of Pork Pie Shop, just so I could say, "I'm off to the pork pie shop!" Nothing like that around these parts, I'm afraid.

    Your cherries and your pink dish are lovely!


  4. we had a pork pie factory by us years ago.


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