Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dogged Determination

I love flowers and fruit and vegetables. I love walking through beautiful gardens – and sitting down and admiring them, but, as Kipling said

“Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made    

By singing - 'Oh how beautiful!' and sitting in the shade!”

How I struggle to get things to grow reliably – I try every year, and well meaning, generous friends give me tomato plants, and chrysanthemums in pots, and other such things “which will grow themselves, Angela” – but despite my regular watering, and gentle words of encouragement, I am singularly unsuccessful. I have some rosemary, thyme and chives which are thriving – but that’s about it for edible goodies. Even all the baby figlets have recently dropped off the tree [Curse You, Fig Tree!] even though the leaves are flourishing.

I struggle to grow cress on a flannel  I told a friend recently –but I found a pack of seeds in the kitchen and had an idea. DSCF1592This little chap was staring at me on a shelf in the garage.

I brought him into the kitchen. “Whatever’s that?” enquired Bob.

“It is my grandmother’s Sylvac Dog” I replied. “It is a posy vase. I remember it when I was a tiny child – it sat on her shelf in her DSCF1593front room”

I could tell Bob wasn’t over impressed. “I am sure I have seen them on Bargain Hunt” I went on. “One day it may be worth a fortune!”

So I have planted up my little dog, and he has been staring at me from the kitchen windowsill. Just about enough to garnish a salad or sprinkle on a sandwich. No wonder he is looking so suspicious – in his youth he held primroses or carnations.

I think his dignity is affronted. But at least I have grown something!


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  1. Funny (Bob saying, "What's THAT?")
    I like your little green dog and I'm impressed that you have sprouts at the ready.
    I'm not sure what a gardener REALLY is. I think it may be my neighbor who loves to dig or me who loves to water. It might be you, with those prosperous fig leaves. I'm not moving very fast with all my plans to plant a sunflower house and cultivate summer bulbs. You are tending souls, dear Angela.


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