Thursday, 12 May 2011

McVities Takes The Biscuit From Beardyman!

Much more fun than Nigella or Julia

This Beardyman video is 4 years old

But shame on you, McVities, for such an awful rip-off

according to comedian Bec Hill,

Beardyman was originally approached by McVitie’s to do this ad. He didn’t like the script and when they refused to change it, he turned it down. However, they still went ahead with the ad, hiring new beatboxers, and then said they didn’t need to pay him because they apparently had the idea before they saw his video.

That’s right. They had the idea before they saw his video. Which means that they just happened to approach a guy who just happened to do a beatboxing-kitchen video 4 years ago, which has since had over 4 million views and their ad just happened to have the same concept.

HT to Liz for alerting me to this one!

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  1. Perhaps having a boycott of McVities products might send a message?
    Jane x


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