Friday, 6 May 2011

Jack Sprat Revisited

Currently wrestling with a problem regarding nightwear, trying to find an economical solution. As yet no proper pictures, as all I have managed is to produce a few lines of doggerel!

Pastor Bob is six foot four

His wife, four eleven and a half.

HER pj hems drag on the floor

While HIS flutter mid-calf!

men pj

These ones are from M&S – but pictured on a man who is considerably less than six feet tall.

I will find a solution. Watch this space…


  1. Frills on the hems, maybe?
    We do have the same problem. At 6'1 my husband's pyjamas wave at ankle length, but no one else sees them!

  2. So, options:

    1. Cut the excess off yours and use yo lengthen Pastor Bob's - I'm sure he'd love flowery extensions on his stripey PJs! Not. ;-)
    2. Cut Pastor Bob's down to shorts
    3. Set it as a project for the sewing club
    4. Er, put Pastor Bob in the boil wash and see if he shrinks?!!

    Sorry, the radiation makes my humour worse than ever.

  3. Cut the bottom of all the legs off and hem and wear shorts in bed instead of longs. Then use the off cuts to make something else.

  4. I buy PJ bottoms and then we all wear those numerous T shirts from christian camps, events etc on top. As we have 4 children this has saved a lot of hassle over the years and kept the kids happy as they get a new T shirt at the camp ( this year Spring Harvest in France and Revive)But I'm sure you could make some lovely PJ trousers
    Sarah - currently wearing asda pj trousers and a Race for Life T shirt from 2002!


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