Saturday, 28 May 2011

1.5K Anniversary Giveaway

1500 posts

I cannot believe it. How I do ramble on! 1500 posts and I have just hit 80 followers too. So that definitely calls for a Blog Giveaway. Please leave a comment on this post before midnight Monday 5th June. And please say which bits of the blog you like best [so I can tailor the giveaway to suit the winner!]

Thank you everyone who reads and responds – it’s great knowing there are so many friends out there.


  1. Test comment from myself due to Blogger's current strangeness

  2. Alright then - a comment from me, too! Well done on keeping the blogging up for so long, and for it being so interesting. It's sometimes the only way I find out what we're doing!

  3. Wow, you have been blogging for a long time, you have about 10 times the number of posts I do! Well done.
    I love reading all the different things you post and like the way your posts are both inspiring and informative.
    I've just noticed at the bottom of the screen that you have published on blurb as well, how did that go and would you recommend it as it is something I wonder about.


    The best bit about your blog? All of it! I love the diversity. As a maths lover I love the maths-y stuff. As a craft lover I am always interested in your idea and tutorials. As a preacher I am interested in! your church exploits. And so it goes on.

    Better than a magazine

  5. Maybe Bob will win! His comment is funny! I like hearing about what you and Bob are up to as you care for your flock. I like the pictures of the church events. I like reading about UK stuff like The Archers. You are the BEST, Angela!

  6. Definitely not Marmite. It so true, either you love it or you hate it.
    I would say that I like your tutorials, specialy on homeware or home decor.
    Then I like reading about interesting stories about different people.
    Your church comment are also interesting.
    So there you are.
    Congratulations for keeping the blog alive, which I think is what I like the most of your blog.
    Well done.

  7. Please don't make me choose! I love the churchy bits (even though you are not a genteel Anglican!!), I love seeing your sewing prowess (I am struggling to teach myself), I love your snippets of trivia...oh I could go on but anyway...many congratulations on your blog, and even more congratulations on keeping us all interested!!
    Jane x

  8. My favorite part of your blog is when Bob comments.

    (That's a joke, of course, but I thought it was nice of him to pop in! And my husband also catches up with my live/our lives via my blog.)

    I like it when you feature interesting packages of food. I don't know why it interests me so, but I find it fascinating.

    I also like it when you talk about the work you do with young people, either tutoring or teaching sewing.

    Oh, Angela, I just like everything about you and your blog. I'm so glad we're friends!


  9. I don't want to have to choose a favourite part of the blog either. What keeps me coming back is that I don't know what you will blog about next, whether it will be crafty bits/sewing, christian things, family things or things local to you or even Marmite (which I love) or whatever. I just love the mix so keep it up please.

    Jo (smallholderwannabe - blogger won't let me post a comment when signed in)

  10. Congratulations on keeping going so long. I love hearing about villiage events and church life, I have heard about some important events in peoples lives while reading your blog. I also like the crafty things, I wish I could be more creative and a better sewer. I love that your posts are so varied and you always have bizare and random facts waiting for us.
    May you keep going for another 1500 posts!

  11. congrats on your 1500 posts! I'm only up to 750, you are a chatterbox!!

    from ElizabethD via email

  12. from Mags via email -
    Hello, esteemed bloggiste- I am having such rubbish trouble leaving comments on your blog!


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