Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Royal Wedding Quiz

Tonight we have the AGM of our Friends and Neighbours Group. We always follow business with pleasure – namely a buffet supper and quiz. I’ve prepared a short quiz, based on a ‘Royal’ Theme. Most of our members are aged 50+, so I have included some questions on royal events of a previous generation.

How many of these do you know? I’ll provide an answer sheet in a couple of days time. Please feel free to use this quiz if you need to entertain a group of friends!

Who? What? Where? Why?

1 What subject were William and Catherine studying when they met?

2 What is the name of the company owned and run by Catherine’s parents?

3 What’s the name of the village where the Middletons live ?

Can you name these four houses beloved of the British Royals ?

4 this


5 and this


6 and this


7 and this


What do you know about these four people connected with the Royals of an earlier generation ?

8 Crawfie

9 Lionel Logue

10 Bessie Spencer

11 Geoffrey Fisher

can you name these people with family connections to the Queen?

12 the rugby player


13 the cabinet maker


14 this Canadian lady


15 the great elderly hat wearer


16 Why might people in Sheffield refer to Prince William as ‘dollyposh’ ?

Royal Wedding outfits – who designed

17 the princesses hats ?


18 Catherine’s dress ?


19 Prince Charles’ Shoes ?


20 the Queen’s Wedding dress, back in 1947 ?


21 Who is this lady?


22 and why is she significant ?

23 How did Catherine and William drive away from Buckingham Palace ?

24 Where might you see 3 acorn sprigs, a gold inverted letter V and a tied ribbon on a lozenge?

25 What are the new titles for Kate and William?


  1. The answer to No. 17 is.... 'cannot imagine that the hats were actually designed by anyone....except maybe Blue Peter?'

    I had Crawfie's book a long time ago. I think it was called 'The little princesses'.

  2. #14 do not understand why the Canadian lady is called "Autumn" not "Fall"!
    Jane x


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