Saturday, 14 May 2011

Christian Aid Week 2011


It starts tomorrow – here’s a brief reflection from their excellent website, I hope to post more about CAW later.


You can also take part in the CAW Pray With Us event [see here] I am always so impressed with the quality of the materials produced by Christian Aid – and this year’s set of resources about coffee growing in Nicaragua is no exception.

Manuel christain aid weekDid you know that when you buy a regular coffee in a café, only about 1% of the price you pay goes to the producer?

Coffee producers get a pretty bad deal. That is, unless it's fairly traded.

This is Manuel Mendez, a young coffee taster in Nicaragua – and a local Fairtrade cooperative has brought enormous benefits to him and his community. CAW challenges us to think, pray and give.

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  1. I delivered envelopes for CAW a few years ago - very rewarding


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