Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thankyou Tesco

Steph says I am irrational in my dislike of Tesco. Well maybe I am.

I was very miffed recently when I bought a £4 twin pack of tights* only to find that both pairs were too short in the leg, and although I put them on very carefully, both pairs laddered as I pulled them up to my thighs. I wrote and complained, pointing out that the pack claimed they would fit up to size 14, height 5’3” – and I am only 4’11”. I said I had not had this problem with Sainsbury’s tights!

I sent back the faulty tights with my letter.

tesco moneycard

This week in the post, I received a £10 Tesco Moneycard, and a standard letter of apology. So thankyou, Tesco. I think I shall buy fruit and veg with your gift [and it was very satisfying to get £10 back for a £4 initial spend]

* my own fault, I thought I didn’t have any decent ‘summer’ weight tights for church the next day, and I happened to be near a Tesco. in fact when I got home, I found I had three new pairs which I got last year – but I had put them in the wrong drawer.


  1. I think its the luck of the draw. I have had one 3 pack from Tescos last over a year another pack one pair had a ladder in the first day. I am just so pleased that they do tights for those that are 6ft. I have not always been able to wear any tights at all as I couldnt find them long enough!

    Love Justine


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