Wednesday, 4 May 2011

To Frame My Fearful Symmetry

Everybody seems to be selling tunic tops again this summer, and they do look so pretty and cool over leggings or trousers. Here are three from Joe Brown, Next and M&S. But I don’t have £25 to spare!

joe brown tunicnext tunicM&S









What I do have is a dress I bought ages ago, and have not worn recently. I paid £10 in a closing-down sale in a boutique in Hackney in 2004. It was the summer of our Silver Wedding, and I had a few ‘evening events’ to go to. It looked OK with my pink Essex-girl stilettos – but I was never quite sure about the asymmetric hem.


The hem on the right hand side came rather too far up my thigh to be altogether comfortable – I felt somewhat exposed. I am not Shirley Bassey!

I’ve worn it about half a dozen times.

But last week I attacked it with scissors and cut the hem straight across at mid-thigh length, and finished the edge of the dress and lining on my machine, with a tight zigzag stitch.

I am very pleased with the result


It has been cool and comfortable, worn over my loose linen trousers this week.

I have decided that asymmetric clothing is not for me. Whether is is a wonky hem, or a “one- shoulder-strap-only” style, I find them all vaguely disturbing.

In future, I shall attempt to go straight!

In a week I have reduced the cost-per-wear from £1.66 to £1.25 – which appeals enormously to my sense of thrift.


  1. French clothes are VERY big on assymetric, cannot imagine why.

  2. Oh my goodness! You have given me the BEST idea!
    I have an evening dress that I have worn twice,one of my cats took a dislike to it and other word for it...peed on it!!
    I can just cut off the (whiffy) bottom part and have a trendy tunic. Thank you!!
    Jane x

  3. I always think about the "cost per wear" of clothes. I had a real problem finding outfits for our children's weddings because I knew that I was unlikely to wear that type of outfit again so the cost per wear was astronomical.


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