Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fame At Last

I just came in from school to find my face staring at me from Bob’s PC – I am sure the BBC Lancashire people could have found someone a little more photogenic in Blackpool last weekend

bbc lancashire

I haven’t mentioned before- I went for a swim in the Hotel Pool on the Saturday morning, and then my face reacted really badly to the chlorine – my skin was pink and itchy for two days. I’ve since discovered that it happened to my friend Rachel when she swam there too, a few years ago. Which is why I have not shown the picture from last week’s Baptist Times – I look like a lobster in that one [a friend kindly remarked that she had thought there was something wrong with the printing inks!]

That’s my ‘famous for fifteen minutes’ bit out of the way then…back to the normality of exploding washing machines now..


  1. I hope you are over it now, Ang, it is horrid to find you have an allergy to a product. You need to let the hotel know, surely?

  2. I think your face looks very nice and lovely, as though you've enjoyed a fine day at the beach.

    Enjoy your fame!



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