Friday, 27 May 2011

Pretty In Pink

At Sewing Club on Wednesday, the last two sets of pjs were finished[apologies to the girls, who have been expecting to see the pictures for a couple of days now!]


K opted to embellish her vest with a little yoyo on the shoulder strap [her own idea, and I think it works brilliantly] and R appliqued a butterfly. The polka dot fabric was the underside of an IKEA quilt – and the butterfly was from the brightly printed top-side. Both girls were pleased with their projects- and we had a modelling session!

The rest of us worked hard on a special project for the church – a set of three banners to go with the current “God-shaped vision” sermon series. Expect to see pictures of these shortly, once I’ve finished the final details [hoping to have them hung up in KMFC by Sunday] We had some fabulous fabrics to work with – a colleague who makes costumes for her daughter’s dance school gave me a huge bag of remnants. For speed, we also got through rather a lot of Bondaweb.


I love this stuff – and buy it by the metre from Button Boutique in Leicester.

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