Monday, 30 May 2011

A Touch Of Paradise

We arrived at Cornerstones around 10pm last night. Twelve hours later, we were in the local parish church looking at the flower festival – entitled “A Touch Of Paradise”. The flowers were beautifully arranged- here are just a few of my pictures…DSCF1632 DSCF1638

Ring the Bells of Heaven, and Songs Of Praise






The Village School’s Rainforest – with full explanations alongside.


Messing About On The River [I had to put this in specially for you, Mags!] complete with a copy of Wind In The Willows on top of the picnic basket. Some arrangements were done by members of the local Flower Guild- some by complete amateurs – like this cradle and christening gown at the base of the font


A Picture Paints A Thousand Words [this is for you, Lynn, I know how much you appreciate painting]


For Elizabethd, and Gwen – the music



The Pew-Ends were particularly sweet, under the title “All Things Bright And Beautiful” They all had little creatures nestling among the blooms – this one with a bunny and ladybird[ladybug] made me think of you, PomPom

The altar was spectacular, on the theme of Resurrection, with identical circular arrangements on either side.


I wish you could all have been there – it was beautiful, and the perfume in the church was amazing

We spent the rest of the day with Adrian and Marion – but ate our picnic tea in their lounge, in view of the rain!

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  1. What a lovely selection of photos. I did love the music one, and also the Christening gown arrangement.


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