Monday, 2 May 2011

A Mondegreen And A Moose

Back from Blackpool, and after a quick trip to Sainsbury's for some fresh milk and fruit, I settled down to prepare my Royal Wedding display for school tomorrow. I could not do it earlier, as I needed photos from the Saturday papers!

Two things which have amused me. Firstly, listening to Ed Stourton, on Radio 4, I was really confused by something he said. I couldn’t research it properly till now, but I have listened over and over to the commentary [it is 5min 26sec into the service on the Radio4 Listen Again facility] Ed said…

“the bride moves through the gilded organ screen…joining Prince William on the steps of this aquarium”

aquariumwedding underwater

Now, I was on the motorbike on Friday, listening through earbuds – but now I am at the computer in the quiet of my room, and he definitely says that!!!

I have tried to find some sort of Latin word [the sequariem? the caequarium?] which might refer to a part of the Abbey near the High Altar, but I have had no success. Can anyone enlighten me as to what he actually said, and what it means?

Secondly, I’ve also been catching up with blogs, and I’m indebted to Jane for pointing out where Beatrice got the idea for her hat!

eugenie hat


It’s good to be home again!


  1. There is a definite likeness between hat and animal!
    Cant help with aquarium though.

  2. Hmmm! I had a look at the virtual 360 tour of Westminster Abbey and it seems as if you pass from the organ screen into the quire (choir stalls) so maybe it's something to do with that?

    Glad you had a good time in Blackpool, hope scholl is good tomorrow too.

  3. That hat was....worse that Victoria Beckham's, which seemed to want to crawl down her face!

    I never heard the 'aquarium' and the only thing that come to my mind is something to do with choir which she must have walked through on the way to High Alter. I looked here:
    but am none the wiser for what it may have been.

  4. The younger set obviously ignored your 'Proper Hats' memo!
    Jane x

  5. Hi Angela,

    I've never commented on your blog before, but I love reading it regularly. I was intrigued by the "aquarium" and had a listen again. I think it is probably "sacrarium" which is the sanctuary of an Anglican church.

  6. Thanks Lesley for the comment - this is a helpful answer and I am sure is the correct one.Further research suggests that in some churches the sacrarium is a drain connected to the piscina/sink where the communion vessels are washed.
    I prefer to think of Kate and William going into the sanctuary rather than down the drain!!
    [Being a Baptist, I am ignorant of most of this architectural stuff.]
    thanks everyone else for comments too - the royal wedding has certainly given us a lot of fun hasn't it?

  7. I was definitely confused by the hats. Can we see your display?

  8. I watched the wedding with a group of year 7 girls what did one of them say? "Who is the moose"! For the rest of the service she was refered to in such a way. A bit nasty perhaps but certainly added some light entertainment.


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