Sunday, 22 May 2011

Scouting For Books

Yesterday afternoon we called in at the Village Hall for the Scouts Rummage Sale. I had intended being there at the start [1.30pm] but an unexpected Pastoral Visit meant it was 3.30m when we arrived and they were almost at the point of packing up. However that meant they were being very generous about prices- we got an armful of books for £1


These will be put away to take to Cornerstones for Half Term. This one was absolutely brand new!


I wonder if its original owner gave up because Vera on ITV was so utterly miserable? Perhaps we will enjoy the book more than the programme. I am looking forward to Alan Bennet’s Telling Tales [the thin volume near the bottom of the pile]

Bob also got some bargains which he has blogged about – and I splashed out 10p on a little jug, and 40p on a tomato plant.

#The poor tomato plant is likely to die soon. My plants usually die!

But I keep trying. Maybe one day I shall get the hang of this gardening thing! Samuel Johnson defined a second marriage as “The Triumph of Hope over Experience” – in my case that phrase defines my annual attempts at horticulture.

I have taken a picture just so that I can remember what it looked like when it was fresh and green. The gentleman who sold it to me has given me a lot of advice on how to cultivate pounds of tomatoes from it, and how to avoid The Dreaded Blight.


Here are the two tomatoes and one yellow golf ball courgette which I managed to grow two years ago.

I think maybe I should stick to sewing and craftwork. My veg efforts seem very Mickey Mouse!


  1. Sounds a bit like my gardening attempts. I have some toms planted in pots/grow bags this year, but they are looking rather weedy and I'm not at all sure about this nipping out side shoots thing.

  2. I can't read anything of Alan Bennett's without hearing his voice!
    Jane x

  3. I could very happily shop for books (new, used, or anything in between) for the rest of my life : )


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