Monday, 9 May 2011

Isaiah 52:7

macwonder woman spirit of truth nail lacquerI do not wear make-up every day, usually it is just for weekends and ‘going out somewhere special’. I cannot remember the last time I purchased nail varnish. Liz & Steph are very generous in giving me cosmetics. But I find myself desperately, irrationally yearning for a bottle of the new MAC Wonder Woman ‘Spirit Of Truth’ – just so I can paint my toenails blue before I go out preaching again!

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”


  1. You are funny, Angela! I've seen lots of blue toenails lately!

  2. My toe nails are bright pink all through summer often match my face if I have been in the sun!).
    Cannot bring myself to do the blue toe nails niece does...she is a Baptist..any connection?!!!
    Jane x

  3. Why is this dated Monday when today is Sunday or have I lost the plot ?

  4. Totally confused by this - I prepared sme posts on Sunday afternoon. THIS post to be published on Monday morning, and the PREVIOUS one to come up Sunday evening - for reasons I do not understand, Blogger ignored the instruction and published them at totally random times - but DATED them Sunday and Monday anyway.
    Maybe WonderWoman exists in a different Time Zone??

  5. Have you noticed that Samoa is about to jump a whole day - moving from one side of the Date Line to the other? Maybe your posts are in Samoan time?

  6. Whatever time they are in your posts are always interesting.

  7. I don't think I am in Samoa
    Dear Anonymous [9/5/11] - are you the same Anonymous as [8/5/11]? Either way, thanks for all the comments!


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