Monday, 9 May 2011

Final Flight

Just a quick break from more housework [re-organising the sunlounge today] because I found this, settled out of sight on a table behind a picture.


I moved it, to take the photo on white paper[next to a ruler to give an idea of scale] I think it is beautiful even though it is dead. I came across this quote on the Internet [without any attribution, sorry]

“Why not slow your summer flight and take in all I see?”

“Nay fair maiden, for if I do a dragonfly I never can be,

my life is a flight from thee and me,

where to, methinks, farther farther than you, than me,

for a dragonfly to halt is to die”

dragonfly 2

A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, the infraorder Anisoptera. Dragonflies possess six legs (like any other insect), but most of them cannot walk well. Dragonflies are some of the fastest insects in the world. [Except when dead!]

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  1. When you see them flashing over the water, bright blue, they are jsut so beautiful.


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