Friday, 6 May 2011

Final Performance

The death has just been announced, at the age of 93, of Arthur Laurents – the man who wrote the book ‘West Side Story’, which was the basis for that fabulous musical.

arthur-laurents_west side

As well as that, he wrote the book for “Gypsy” and was also involved in other classic films – The Snake Pit, Rope, The Way We Were, and La Cage Aux Folles. He wrote scripts and directed many films.

In many ways, WSS is the success it is because of the brilliant Bernstein/Sondheim collaboration on the songs – but the idea came originally from this guy

Well, to be accurate, he nicked it from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – but you just can’t keep a good story down, can you?

Here’s one of my favourite songs from WSS – but let’s be honest about this, I know almost all the words to almost all the songs – from the quirky ‘Gee Officer Krupke” to the aspirational “America” and the romantic “Maria”.

I shall be singing away to myself all morning as I do the ironing [school this afternoon] Pleased to report that yesterday’s sprincleaning session was very successful!


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  1. Hi Angela!
    Now that I'm moving to sixth grade, I won't be teaching West Side Story anymore. The kids loved the songs and the characters! I'm glad you are singing the tunes as you iron today.


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