Monday, 9 May 2011

I Might Have Known!!


It appears that exploding washing machines are probably not covered by our insurance policy. We may be able to claim for one shirt and one pair of trousers- but that would be swallowed up by the ‘excess’ anyway, so it isn’t really worth the bother. Edward on Saturday may have been helpful and hopeful, but the lady today was less positive. She is sending us a claim form which we will send back [with pictures!] just in case…

pig puffing


  1. If your machine wasnt that old, why not go to the manufacturer, who might be able to give you a special price on a new one....especially if you post the photos all over the internet!

  2. Hi, I have recently renewed my home insurance. I have cut back on a lot of extras this time as in my experience you are never covered. Years ago I had a wilton carpet which was about 2 years old when the water tank burst and saturated the carpet. My policy was new for old and I had the original receipt. Thinking I would get at least what I paid, I put a claim in. The insurer ( reputable company) sent an assessor round who cut a square out of the carpet which was sent away for testing. They then awarded us £160 !! which was about a quarter of what the other carpet was worth. Despite arguing they would not budge.

  3. Have you noticed how few things can be claimed by honest people, but there are plenty who abuse the system?
    Jane x


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