Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another Tesco Rant!


Saw this sign again** yesterday and just had to take a photo. Was sorely tempted to give them a piece of MY mind but couldn’t find any spare assistants.

On the subject of poor English, I read that the government’s latest attempts to raise standards in teaching will “Ban would-be teachers from unlimited resits in basic English and maths tests that form part of training courses. They will give them just three attempts to pass – potentially affecting one in 10 trainees who take the numeracy exam at least four times.”

I am horrified to think that 10% of our new teachers need at least 4 attempts to pass a basic maths or English test. I have looked at sample questions online – and honestly feel that if a graduate cannot answer them correctly and pass the tests then I really wouldn’t want them teaching any children in my family!

It was a credit to the staff that the children had low levels of …..in the run-up to the tests.

[select answer from anxsiety, anxiety, angxiety, anxciety]

Teachers organised activities for three classes of
24 pupils and four classes of 28 pupils.
What was the total number of pupils involved

Note that in the ‘spelling’ test it is actually multiple choice – they simply have to recognise the right word from a given list! And overall they have to score just 60% to pass. I am turning into a Seriously Grumpy Old Woman about this, I think.

Maybe all the would-be teachers who cannot pass the tests are getting jobs in Tesco?

[**I first noticed it on May 9th, just after our Exploding Washing Machine debacle – but had no camera with me seven weeks ago. If it is still on display next time I go in, I may ask to see the Manager!]


  1. I think it is called a Piece of Mind plan so that you can go and give them a piece of your mind! And re the teachers (and I used to be one, so I could be said to be biased in their favour), my 10 year old daughter used to come home from school disgusted that she could spell words that her
    teachers couldn't!

    Pomona x

  2. Sainsbury have posters up for DVD's and CD's and in a local restuarant recently Panini's were on the menu!!

  3. Why are we dumbing down so much? When I went to University only 4% of the population had degrees...now they seem to give degrees away inside specially marked boxes of cornflakes.
    Jane x

  4. Ha ha, it took me ages to see that 'peace' was spelt incorrectly! I almost wrote a comment asking what was wrong with the sign. Perhaps I should work for Tesco! :)

    Our school website had some spelling errors on a recent bulletin. It's so tempting to mention it, but one rarely gets thanks for spelling advice (my husband hates me correcting him).


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