Sunday, 12 June 2011

Spray, Slow Down!

motorway in rain

The entire journey back up the M1 was like this- and the signs were saying “Spray, slow down” I felt they should say “Pray, slow down”!

But I got back, safe and sound, just 5 minutes before our special evening service – lots there and a great atmosphere.

It has been a fabulous weekend altogether [Bob and co had a great time at KMFC this morning by all accounts] I am exhausted – will leave more blogging till another day!


  1. Look- I'm here!! Prayers for safe travelling must work virtually as well as really! Get lots of rest- you have some very exciting blogging to do! Your jealous, sea-distanced public awaits!!

  2. I have had a similar journey this afternoon from Devon to the Midlands, M5 just like that. It still astounds me that people drive like complete idiots in weather like this !!

  3. I would rather drive in snow than rain anyday!
    Glad you are safe at home....looking forward to reading all about "Bloggers in London"
    Jane x

  4. Glad you had a safe journey home. It was a VERY wet day and I'm glad it didn't rain on us on Saturday.


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