Sunday, 19 June 2011

Today I Made…


…people stay awake!

I was out preaching this morning, and the final comment as I went out to the Car Park was “I love it when you come and preach, Angela, because nobody falls asleep”

I think this was meant as some sort of compliment!

But the busy week of school, meetings, sewing, school fete and sermonising has left me utterly exhausted.

So instead of Plan A - a quiet afternoon’s gentle embroidery, I am off to implement Plan B – under the duvet for some serious shut-eye.

Putting the service together was quite enough creativity for me today, I think.

[I did a variation on the Coke&Mentos children’s talk, which worked incredibly well, with no splashes on the church carpet. Hallelujah]


  1. Hope you got the rest you deserve! We spent the morning/early afternoon at my bil's house. My little nephew wanted to do something for his 'Uncle Mike' for father's day. They put out a spread of muscles and clams, king crab legs (!) and a sloo of appetizers. We all pigged out but it was Mike and his brother who really enjoyed themselves. I told Mike I owe him a Father's Day dinner which I'll do midweek.
    My bil has an ice cream store and he can go to a place called Restaurant Depot to get all these goodies much cheaper than I can. I have asked him to check into the cost of mozzarella curds if we buy a large amount of them. He forgot about that, but in the meantime I'll probably hit the local Italian pork store and see if I can just buy a small amount. Then I'll post about how to make cheese. Thanks so much for your nice comment about that! And for commenting in answer to my lonely cry, LOL! It never did occur to me that people are busy starting summer, not to mention the ends of school years.
    I bet your sermon was great.

  2. Oh, I'm glad you took a nice Sunday nap. It sounds like you needed it!

  3. Best making of all! Hope you're still asleep!

  4. thanks for the comments - Mags- I was SOUND ASLEEP by the time you were posting your comment, thankyou!!


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