Friday, 24 June 2011

Just One More Thing…


The death has just been announced of Peter Falk – who played Detective Columbo from 1968 –2003 [that’s an amazingly long time!] The formula for each episode never changed – you knew whodunnit from the start, and Columbo was always shambolic, scruffy, and apparently hopeless [and did we ever see his wife?] but he always got his man [or woman] in the end.

He was 83, and had been suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. Sadly there was an unpleasant dispute regarding his care, and a court case between his wife and daughter – during which it was revealed that Falk could no longer even remember playing his most famous character.

RIP Detective Columbo

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  1. Just seems when we are born with a good mind we should leave here with one. I remember watching Columbo many times. :) Such a fun guy and program to remember. My step dad died with Alzheimer's. I remember so much about him. I hope we see new information about Alzheimer's and a cure in the near future.


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