Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian!


Today has been non-stop creativity! Tonight we have our first Holiday Bible Club Staff Meeting. That means examples of each of the craft activities for the five days. I have been going since first thing, producing Egyptian themed stuff. The programme we are following is Mission Rescue [ie Moses]


Here is a collage of today’s activities thus far. The mess and mayhem photographed earlier has now taken over the Futility Room as well [Bob has gone out, it is safer!] I have been spending a lot of time colouring in – sitting in the lounge catching up on recorded TV programmes whilst doing it. My crayons are Berol Karisma – and over twenty years old. The girls gave them to me one Christmas [when they were still at primary school!]


I’ve been given a hundred small terracotta pie dishes [just don’t ask!] and so I designed a strip and circle with hieroglyphs for the children to colour in and stick on to make ‘an Egyptian dish’.

It is really important that I make sure the craft activities don’t cost too much – we have quite a tight budget, so it is always wonderful when I can use freebies like this!




No idea what this says – I confess I just chose random graphics which fitted well!

There may be spelling errors  - “eye before bird, except after wave” as I may have mentioned before.

Expect more HBC craftiness tomorrow.

[btw a HUGE thankyou to Floss, and family. One of her sons has generously lent me his precious Egyptian Craft Ideas book, which has proved a wonderful source of ideas. Floss gave it to me in London the other weekend. I am looking after it VERY carefully and will return it before long. Thank you SO much!!]

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