Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Boracic Lint**

30daysofcreativitySo, apart from a cartoon, what has today produced?

When packing for this holiday week, I slipped this vintage tin into my bag.


Dalmas boracic dressings used to be produced in Leicester, and this came my way with some haberdashery bits and pieces in it a few years ago. I have been putting ‘small kits’ in it recently, as I have sorted out my craft stuff. Many of these are ‘front of magazine giveaways’ [I had a friend who used to collect them for me back in London, twenty years ago!] The tin is pretty full, and I thought they’d make good holiday projects.


Sharp eyes will spot the felt kit from my new Mollie Makes Magazine.

Anyway, I have started by finishing the half-stitched sheep


You can just see the holes top left where the needle had rusted in!

When I get back to KM, I shall press it, trim it, and mount it in a greetings card.

I am aiming to make June Thirty Thrifty Days of Creativity – using Stash Stuff,and not buying new!

**’Boracic’ or ‘boracic lint’ is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘skint’ – i.e. being in a state of having no money to spare!

dalmas tin ad

Dalmas was established in Leicester in 1823 – more than 40 years before Johnson&Johnson [who did not launch ‘Band-Aids’ till 1920]

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  1. Using what you already have is a great idea, and it is what I am hoping to do for the course on collage that I am doing this month.


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