Saturday, 18 June 2011

I’m On A Roll!


Today was the School Summer Fete. I had booked a Craft Table. But I‘ve been so busy recently, dressing teddies and doing other things that I had not checked what I had to sell!

Last night I fetched the box from the loft, and that is when I discovered I had a selection of most things [tooth fairy purses, hairclips, tissue holders] but no pencil rolls. And they re among the top–sellers. So this morning I got up early. Bob made breakfast while I sorted out fabric etc – then after breakfast I worked for 2 hours solid and cut out a dozen pencil rolls – some in denim/camouflage fabrics, others in pinks and fairy prints, others in multicoloured stripes [but I only had time to sew up nine of them!]


The Fete – well, it rained and rained – and in the gaps between, the customers [fewer than last year] watched the Dog Display and the 2B Dancers. And I sold lots of tooth fairy purses and hairclips. And two of my pencil rolls.

Then a lady came and purchased six rolls for her grandchildren [all coming for lunch on Fathers’ Day, apparently] I had just the one left – and I realised I had not taken any pictures.

Within minutes of getting the camera out for this next shot, a child came up and bought the last roll.

DSCF1822Apparently he’d been wandering round ‘thinking about it’ all afternoon, and when he finally made up his mind, there was only the one left! At least it was a more masculine denim one, not one of the girly pink fairy ones!

I let the children have a go on the Janome to produce their facecloths [didn’t sell any bibs- they are usually very popular]

The children really seemed to enjoy typing their names into the embroidery machine and pressing the stop/start button. I have never had so many Dads taking photographs of their sons using the technology! [“Here’s my boy – working at a sewing machine!”]

My takings weren’t brilliant, but they’ll help towards the dental bills!


  1. Well. You win hands down today! Feel very privileged to be a tooth fairy purse family! Are you having dental issues? Oh we are big time this week. I blame the mother..


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