Thursday, 2 June 2011

Warm Weather, Cool Music!


Our good friends Richard and Rachel from KMFC are nearby on holiday with their family this week – so they are all coming over to Cornerstones shortly for a BBQ.

So today’s attempt at Creativity is food-related. I have made some colourful veg kebabs and a banoffee pie.


Bob is in charge of cooking – and has lots of meaty stuff. Also for dessert we have marshmallows and cubes of fresh pineapple, to thread on skewers and grill. The weather is just right.

DSCF1688The red and yellow cherry tomatoes came from Fakenham – we went over to the market there this morning.

This gifted guy was playing very cool music in the warm sunshine. He told me that he is hoping to train for a career in Music Therapy. I wished him well- I think that is a good ambition.

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  1. Lovely, were waiting for the sun to start shining her, then I too am looking forward to making some colourful, vegetable kebabs.


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