Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Run It Up The Flagpole, And See Who Salutes!

I was looking at the Boden website [for inspiration – not because I had the money to purchase JB’s attractive, but expensive, products] and I entered the “Win A Royal Wedding Souvenir Scarf” competition. Only 950 – limited edition- scarves were being made.

And I have won one of them [vague sense of guilt, it is not as if I am a ‘valued customer’ – despite the constant stream of catalogues they send me]

When draped round my neck, it looks like a pretty printed scarf



In one corner is a small embroidered badge with details of The Wedding.

[plus a label saying 100% wool, made in India]

This amazing scarf

is around 6 foot long, and printed with a Union Flag. Behold one worried looking husband demonstrating this for me…


[not sure why Bob is looking so anxious –probably fretting about my appalling camera technique, I think] Isn’t the scarf huge!!??

Colleagues have declared it to be worth around £50-£60. I am keeping it though, cos it is fun. Thank you Mr Boden.


  1. is it me, or have they got the broad white strips in the wrong place?

  2. This is very lovely! Hubbie nice too! You were right about the difficulties of such things here in the (psychologically) frozen North! But I can imagine that it will have nothing but fun and fine wearing chez toi!

  3. Congrats! It's cool! I like it when my friends win stuff!


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