Saturday, 4 June 2011

Trunk Call


Working through my tin of mini stitching projects, I came across this one which was from a cross-stitch magazine in 2005, celebrating the release of the Disney Heffalump movie. I do not really approve of what Walt’s lot did to Pooh. The books should be read by Alan Bennett, not made into silly Americanised cartoons!


What always intrigues me abut cross-stitch pieces is the way that you do all the crosses, and the design isn’t really clear – it is only the definition of the final outlining back stitch that makes the picture look so good.

Look at the difference [forgot flash on one photo, sorry!]



This will probably be made into a birthday card, I think. I have been looking at my diary – this creativity thing has been manageable whilst we have been on holiday – quite how I shall keep it up when I am back to teaching/church responsibilities next week, I have no idea! Mags has a lovely post about her diverse creative activity.

[btw, why did Brits once refer to long-distance phone calls as trunk calls?]

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