Sunday, 26 June 2011

Holiday Bible Club And Heaven

There are so many parallels when you think about it

Heaven has

Love, and joy


Special Clothes – white robes

Food – the bridal feast of the Lamb

Holiday Bible Club has

Much Love, Joy and Laughter

Worship – including some very crazy songs

Special Clothes – Thursday is Dress-Up Day

Food – drinks and biscuits each morning, and also the Barbecue Night

30daysofcreativityHBC also has crafts – and I wondered, is there also creativity in Heaven? The Creator is there, so maybe there will be opportunity to create [but please Lord, no Plaster of Paris!]

This morning in Church I shall be reminding people of two verses in 1 Peter. Both important as we prepare ourselves for heaven.

The first being “Desire the milk of the Word, that you may grow in your salvation” and the second is “Be holy, as I am holy”

These verses are also important as we prepare for HBC.

bottle tops

I need around 2500 plastic milk bottle tops – so that means I need the congregation to desire lots of milk  and bring me the tops.

Also, I need volunteers to drill through each one of the tops, and thus make them holey!


  1. Hooray for Holiday Bible Club!

  2. If any of your flock are passing near me, I happen to have the bulk of your required milk bottle tops in the house right now........
    {just don't ask : ) }

    Jo alias smallholderwannabe - blogger still won't let me comment as me


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