Monday, 20 June 2011

To Brighten Your Monday Morning

This latest VW advert makes me smile every time I see it.  We have a Mini Darth Vader in our congregation sometimes, and this ad is so perceptive. Somebody in an ad agency somewhere spotted a great idea for a commercial [a parent of a kid who likes dressing up?]


DV is played by a boy called Max and he is 6 – if you want to see some of the out-takes and find out more, checkout the VW page here – well done Deutsch LA [the agency who produced this]


  1. I love this advert too. There seem to be very few adverts that make me chuckle these days. The Cravendale cats with opposable thumbs advert makes me laugh (I posted it recently). Most adverts are dull so it's good when there is a good one or two.

  2. This advert made me smile the first time I saw it and I still smile every time it's on the box!


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