Friday, 17 June 2011

Are You Being Served?

On my way home from school yesterday – desperate for a reviving cuppa – I called in at the Parish Hall, where they were holding a Summer Fayre in aid of Cancer Research.

I resisted the meringues, the clotted cream and the various craft stalls and books – but I did treat myself to this for £1 on the bric-a-brac table. A silver plated Edwardian Serving fork, approx 8” long.



I love the shape of the tines, and the decoration on the silver. The handle is bone, we think, not ivory. Planning to use it when we have sliced ham for luncheon. Must try and find a silver salver to go with it. It is so elegant.


  1. I've been watching old Upstairs, Downstairs episodes. I like your fork! I think it's so sweet that you stopped at the Parish Hall for a cuppa. I would have gone home!

  2. Just what you need when serving a posh cold collation!
    Jane x


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