Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Move Over, Imelda Marcos!


Creativity isn’t just about making new things, it is about making the best of what you have, and creating a better environment. I saw this great idea in Real Simple magazine recently.

lilly's ottoman

It’s a Lilly Pulitzer shoe storage ottoman – holding 16 pairs in pockets round the edge, with space for bags or more shoes in the centre.

At only $599 [yes, that’s right, £375] what a bargain! But I did think it was a good way of keeping shoes out of the way. I am very fond of shoes. I buy about a pair a year – but rarely spend much.

The trouble is that I keep them forever. I have some that came here when I moved from London nearly 16 years ago. All still wearable.

shoe store

I have a couple of these canvas hanging shoe stores, which were both in my wardrobe. But the wardrobe is relatively narrow, and they took up too much of the hanging space. So I just had one in there, leaving many shoes “homeless”

shoe store 2I got some lightweight plastic boxes and put my fancy stilettos in them. But this has not been 100% successful. However I do have a small, old ottoman full of sheets. So I took the sheets out and put both the hanging stores in the ottoman. They stood happily on their sides – although I lost 6 of the ‘cubbies’.  Result!



The only problem is that I am afraid that I have almost as many shoes as Mrs Marcos – and there is not room for them all in the 14 pockets. [We won’t even mention the motorbike boots]


lillyP shift deliaI am sure I can find somewhere to store these softer canvas casuals – and I am pleased with the extra wardrobe space. Should I fill it with a Lilly Pulitzer dress, do you think?

I love the colourful splashy prints, and the simple retro shift shape. Beautifully cool if the weather stays so very hot. Not so keen on LP’s prices though. Two more tasks on the to-do list

1- Tidy the Airing Cupboard

2 – Re-cover the ottoman




  1. Just how many pairs do you have? The Bata shoe museum in Toronto may like to hear from you!!
    Jane x

  2. You've convinced me! I am going to give away five pairs of shoes. I'm trying to kick my shoe habit. Smile.


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