Thursday, 16 June 2011

Conversion Experience


You remember those bear bottoms?


I have been working on them this morning – here are my before and after pictures…



The Christmas Bears were from a Charity Shop – ‘new’ in the sense of never having been sold, but the date on their feet betrayed their year of manufacture – and they were, in one sense ‘past their sell by date’. So I covered their paws with fresh patches [using the nappy liner technique here]


I am having a craft table at Saturday’s School Fete, and therefore required to provide a Raffle Prize. So I am donating this chap. At the minute I am very short of stuff for my own table.

School this afternoon, then more sermon prep, then more sewing!

I have been reading the book of Acts recently – and yet again this morning I was challenged by the response of Ananias [the wise one in ch 9, not the foolish one in ch 5] Here he is, in Damascus, praying for protection for the Christians from this dreadful Saul guy, who is coming to persecute them and arrest them. And God tells him that He has chosen Saul to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles, and that Ananias has to go and minister to him. So he goes, immediately, to the house – and his first words are

“Brother Saul…”

How gracious is that?

We can sing “I am a new creation, no more in condemnation” – but easily forget that it applies to others, and we can sometimes judge them for their past. If God has forgiven them who are we to judge?



  1. Ang: Thank you 'sew' much for that 'Paws for Thought'!

  2. What a fab way of recycling, I know the bears you mean. You are such an inspiration Ang

  3. Oh that husband of yours is nearly as clever as you! I am thinking about how love keeps no record of wrongs! That's a biggee!


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