Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Midsummer Mess And Mayhem

Oh, I love June! I really do – the sun is shining [mostly] and there is so much to be enjoyed. The rest of the world is busy at pop festivals and Wimbledon and Take That concerts. But here in The Manse we are doing our usual juggling act of preparation for school and for meetings and for Sundays – overlaid with the extra summer activities which completely take over the house – play costumes, teddy sweatshirts for Year 6 leavers, and the biggest task of all – Holiday Bible Club Preparation. Just look at my Dining Room!


The floor is covered with bits of green teddy sweatshirt, and the dining table is buried under bits and pieces of sewing equipment. In one corner is a large box of fabric [school play costumes] and in another, stuff from the craft fair waiting to be sorted.




Those lovely people at Genesis have already sent through the Holiday Club tee-shirts


DSCF1838So as you can see, the Dining Room is pretty much out of action for dining and entertainment purposes. On the sofa in the lounge is a box of craft bits waiting to be sorted.

And in the bath languishes a laundry basket, absolutely overflowing with ironing waiting to be attended to. Bob’s averaging a funeral a week this month, so that’s a lot of shirts to be laundered!


I haven’t yet mentioned the ongoing craft preparation taking over one end of the kitchen, or the all fabric festooning Steph’s bed [more play stuff]

Please spare a thought for my extremely tall husband, who has to negotiate a way through all this gear, trying hard not to tread on things. He is remarkably patient with me.

Should I mention that half the hall is currently blocked by a huge box measuring 5 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot containing a massive TV screen which he is about to help friends install at their church ? In the middle of my crafty mayhem there is also his PA activity.

One often hears parents complaining that their children make such a mess. In our family, I am afraid it is the other way round!


  1. My neighbor says people who have sorted minds often have messy surroundings! You are brilliant and have the ability to tolerate the chaos that comes before the finished products! She also says that people who have disorganized and fearful minds need everything ship shape! We were talking about this over the garden gate the other day. I forget why.
    You'll get it all done, Ang! If I could, I would come over and be your helper, picking up the scraps, ironing the shirts, and making tea!

  2. PP - I would LOVE it if you could come - but you'd need to bring a tent, and sleep in the garden - the house is so full!


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