Thursday, 9 June 2011

Creating A Character


I had my plans for today all sorted out, I thought. The intention was to spend the morning at the dining table, working away on my sewing machine. Bob is very patient – but the Dining Room is an Utter Tip at present!


After breakfast, I delivered some things to my school, queued for ages in a post office, got stuck in a traffic jam, and finally got home just in time to go out again! Bob needed a sidekick for his school assembly and Hayley, our Youth Worker had a meeting to go to.


So I buttoned up my Burberry raincoat, turned up the collar, and became a Secret Agent.

I’m not altogether sure if I was Creating A Character or just Making A Fool Of Myself, but it was good fun, and the children enjoyed it. I hope it will encourage some more of them to sign up for Holiday Bible Club.

This afternoon I am off to Market Harborough with our church ‘Friends and Neighbours’ group, to visit the HQ of the Torch Trust. Should be good…

torch trust


  1. Good for you Ang! :) xx

  2. You and Bob are a great team! Oh goodie! Is it almost time for Holiday Bible Club? This will be my third year! (smile! I like to read about what you do!)

  3. A secret agent? Exciting!
    Jane x

  4. Agent Ang to the rescue... it has a good ring to it don't you think?

  5. I don't mind wearing the mac- but I am NOt going to wear a false moustache from the Poundshop!
    And no, Catriona - I think Agent Ang sounds like some sort of deadly chemical warfare [or possibly domestic stain remover]


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