Monday, 6 June 2011

Pineapple Poll

30daysofcreativityNot much opportunity for creativity today. We had to pack up Cornerstones  and leave it ‘guest ready’ then drive home to KM. Once here, we struggled to open the front door because of the mountain of post to be dealt with, then there was all the washing…

But I have been creative [sort of!]

The pineapple we purchased on Thursday never actually got eaten at the BBQ. By the time we’d got through the delicious Farmers’ Market Sausages which Rachel brought, and munched our salad, and many kebabs [both meat and veggie] and eaten banoffee pie, and feasted on toasted marshmallows – we had no room left!


But a pineapple in the fruit bowl is not as manageable snack-wise as, say, an apple or a banana. So this afternoon I have created accessible, healthy snacks!

Using my ancient Vac-U-Vin Pineapple Easy Slicer, I have produced a Lock-n-Lock box full of fresh pineapple slices, and half a glass of juice. All now residing in the fridge.



I got this nifty gadget in a sale, years ago. You slice off the top, and screw the handle down into the fruit. Lifting out the handle, you have a great spiral of pineapple – and a swift downward slice with a knife produces a dozen or more separate rings.

The box suggests doing artistic things with the shell and the leaves.

Today I did not do so – I just want fruit snacks on hand, not fancy desserts!

[and yes, Liz, I’ll leave you this gadget in my will, I know you like it!]


  1. What a great gadget...we do not eat fresh pineapple anywhere near enough.
    Jane x

  2. What a wonderful piece of kitchenalia
    [from Cotton reel via email due to blogger's obstinacy]

  3. You can still buy the pineapple thingy from Lakeland - new store just opened at Woodlands Garden centre! Bad news for my wallet... We love fresh pineapple but I tend to hack it to bits with a large knife, still tastes lovely.

  4. I love it, so very cool. I never know what to do with pinapple

  5. arrgh Blogger still won't let me post comments as me.

    If you go to Rhonda Jean's "Down to Earth" blog, you can even make pineapple vinegar with the skin. So nothing is wasted : )

    It is the post for Wednesday 25 November 2009

    Next time I come across a pineapple at a reasonable price, I'll give us a treat and have a go at the vinegar with the leftovers.

    Jo (smallholderwannabe)


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