Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fifty Seven Year Itch?

It is 4.45am and I think I am going mad**! I am in the lounge of Liz's flat, and really having trouble sleeping*. I am itching all over, and [I checked the mirror] my face is quite pink.
Last Saturday we spent the evening at my bro's house, and their cat sat on my lap and I stroked her absent mindedly for ages [anything to take my mind off Britain's Got Talent, which I found mind-numbingly dire] When we were ready to go back to Cornerstones, I was itchy and red and uncomfortable.
Liz also has a cat [Monty] who was climbing on me this evening. My question is this - is it possible to develop a cat allergy in your 57th year, when you have never had problems before?

I hope this feeling wears off later - what will Floss and co think when they meet a small red squirming woman??

*I have had some sleep. I know this, because I dreamt I was standing alone in a pew in church and nobody would stand with me because I kept scratching!

**'mad' in the sense of 'more mad than usual'


  1. Oh no, Angela! I'm sure Floss and the gang won't mind, but I hope your itching subsides!
    You're so funny! Your comment about Britain's Got Talent resonates with me. I can't stand that stuff, either. I can hardly find a thing I want to see on the television, thus the overdose of Lark Rise!

  2. Yes, to developing allergies at your tender age! The cats may have been the 'straw that broke the camel's back'. Another cat at another time or even the same cats at a different time may be OK. Also look for a change in washing powder or diet.
    If it continues visit the doc! there is no need these days to suffer!

  3. If it is possible to develop a cat allergy in your 57th year, then I'm going to be in real trouble.
    I'm sure you'll all have a wondeful time: I thought about you all this morning, and can't wait to hear all about it.
    Jane x

  4. Back again to tell you that my Bill is in London, too! He dined at the Wolseley Cafe tonight. He says, "It should be YOU here in London. You'd appreciate it more." He's right! Next summer!


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